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Accelerated six-month program for yoga students to become Yoga Instructors of Hatha Yoga.

Certified instructors:

  • successfully complete all coursework, quizzes, and exams with 75% grade point average or better
  • successfully teach five (5) complete Beginning Yoga Classes under the supervision of an experienced instructor
  • successfully master Warm-Up and Cool Down techniques and practices including pranayama (breathing) and meditation
  • master no less than 12 complete Asanas including understanding the benefits, anatomical applications, muscle & joint actions, breathing dynamics, contraindications, and modifications
  • successfully incorporate concepts of Chakras, Bandhas, Pranayama, and Mudras into a yoga practice
  • successully master Sanskrit terminology and incorporate 60+ terms into yoga practice
  • experience several styles/branches of yoga including hatha, ashtanga, kudanlini, yin, restorative, and bikram
  • demonstrate a working knowledge of yoga ethics, practices, and philosophy
  • demonstrate a working knowledge of legalities and legal practices including group fitness certification, CPR certification, and liability insurance.