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“Case Studies are the second-most effective content in B2B marketing  behind only in-person presentations.”

B2B Content Marketing: 2013 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends, Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs

Case Studies Build a Bridge to Your Future Clients

Your future clients have dozens if not hundreds of your competitors to choose from. Make sure they pick you—tell them compelling success stories of your other satisfied customers.


Companies Are Run by Real People

Just as trust is the key to building relationships between people, credibility is the key to building bridges between businesses. Because case studies are real stories about real people in real businesses, they have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially among businesses that sell complex products and services that are difficult to understand (or put into perspective) with just a letter or brochure.

Visit the website of any successful business-to-business company and you’ll find a section that features case studies.

These are not dry, technical, or scientific documents but success stories written in an editorial style similar to a business magazine article. Typically, they tell the tale of “product meets customer” and how everyone lives happily ever after.

Readers Love a Good Story

Successful marketing managers know that everyone loves a good story and their future clients are no exception. So a wise marketing manager looks for content writers like Kim Pullen who know how to craft effective case studies.


A Process that Works

Every great story begins with believable characters. That’s why Kim interviews you, the marketing manager or director, to see what your company’s mission and long-term goals are for your case studies. If your company has used case studies in the past, Kim will use your company’s preferred format. If you’ve never used case studies or you’re looking for a more dynamic design, Kim will create a format that matches your company’s personality, voice, and marketing brand.

After you get approval from your satisfied customers to produce the case studies, Kim will research and interview them to get their stories including:

  • what challenge each company faced that prompted their need for a solution
  • how these customers found your product or service and why they chose you over your competitor
  • how it was implemented and what it took for their company to thoroughly integrate your product or service into their business
  • how it enabled them to overcome their challenges
  • how your company went “the extra mile” with outstanding customer support
  • what were the resultant savings, revenue gains, sales growth, and/or returns on their investments

Keeping It Real

Since effective case studies reflect the realities of purchasing and implementing a complex product or service, Kim will create yours including your customer’s whole story, direct quotes from the client, and competitors’ products or services they may have tried in the past and rejected in favor of yours.

Once complete, Kim will send the completed case study to you for approval. Your company will then get approval from your customer. Any required changes will be handled promptly.


Building on Past Success

If you already have satisfied customers who purchased your products and services in the past, let them be your bridge to bringing new clients right to your door by utilizing powerful and effective case studies.

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