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Boutique clubs are now the main drivers of growth in the fitness segment.

The Battle of the Boutique Gyms


Boutique fitness studios, now make up more than 20% of the market.

Working Out Is the New Going Out


The studios might be small, but the money is big.

Boutique studios leading growth in health club industry

Market Watch

In a mature, inert fitness industry, boutiques are driving growth.

BF Studios Fire Warning Shots at Big Chains

Ray Algar, Oxygen Consulting

Despite high cost, boutique gyms are now the second most popular venue for indoor fitness

How to Position Yourself Ahead of the Game

Rachel Lambert, Les Mills

Only 16% of Canadians belong to a fitness club, meaning there’s plenty of room for more gyms of all sizes.

BF Studios Compete by Offering Superior Customer Service

David Sali, Ottowa Business Journal

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